Frequently asked questions

Do you want Portraits that reflect Your Personality?

Our goal at Barnes Portrait Design is to create images that are unique to you! Do you have a special hobby or sport you are into? Bring that along and we will incorporate that into your special portraits. We want your portraits to tell the world who you are.

How much does it cost for senior portraits?

We have no minimum purchase therefore everything can be customized to your needs! We have packages that start around $200 but remember you can create your own package as well using our individual pricing. There is NO Minimum Purchase! As for the session itself, that is based on the number of outfits you'd like to be photographed in. It's $55 per outfit with an average of 3-4 outfits per session. Currently, we are also running an $85 - 3 Outfit Special here at the studio!! We will photograph you in a variety of backgrounds, indoors and out, with lots to choose from!! You choose what's best for you and we do both indoor and outdoor portraits at every session! Look for specials we run periodically!

Can I have my portraits taken on location?

Yes! Of course you can! Just give us a call and let us know where you are thinking of having them done! Rich is great a scoping out locations and helping you pick the time that will create the most epic portrait ever! We go on location for all types of portrait sessions. We will work with you to pick the best time of the day for the location you are hoping to use. We also have a variety of locations we can recommend depending on your goals for your final portraits.

I hate to have my picture taken!

No worries at all! You are going to have so much fun. We hear regularly how quickly the time passes when people are being photographed by Rich and how much fun they had. You have nothing to worry about. There's plenty of time alloted to get you comfortable.

My school has told me who has to take my Senior Portraits!

We photograph seniors every year from many different schools. It's rare that a school can dictate who you have to have your portraits taken by. Typically, the photographer they tell you about is merely a suggestion. These are your senior portraits, you need to decide what's best for you. In the rare occasion that our images cannot be used in yearbook, many people still want Rich to be the one to create the pictures they get to share with family and friends! We work with many schools with all different requirements to get them what they need so your portrait can be printed in the yearbook.

How do I schedule a Session at Barnes?

It's simple! Give us a call at 508-867-5260 to talk about anything special you'd like to do. Or, feel free to email us at We also have a scheduling link that you are more than welcome to go to as well. If you don't see the time you are hoping for, feel free to give us a call and we can see if we are able to accomodate your needs. Click Here if you would like to Schedule Online!

What should I wear?

That part is totally up to you! You want to show who you are, but also create a timeless portrait. The more simple, the better. We will send you some information with some suggestions on things to look for depending on the type of portrait you are interested in having done. You are more than welcome to include any props or something that reflects exactly who you are. In regards to senior portraits, many seniors like to incorporate their favorite sport, hobby, musical instrument or even their pet or car into their portraits!

Do you photograph weddings?

Yes! We LOVE photographing weddings! We work together as a team with Rich being the lead photographer with the goal to capture all those special moments for you! All of our weddings come with digital files, if you choose as well. Our packages range depending on the coverage you'd like and they start at $1200. Feel free to give us a call for more information! We'd love to sit down and talk and show you what we do!! Like everything that Rich does, it is customized for you to create the wedding of your dreams!

Do you have a hard time with kids that won't sit still for their portraits?

Richard is known for his ability to work with people of any age and make them feel comfortable. He makes everything about the session fun! When it comes to kids, he wins them over daily and no, we do not need a child to sit still and follow orders for the portraits. With Rich, it becomes a game for the children, they don't realize they are being photographed and instead think they are just having fun! We love photographing children and enjoy their spontaneity and innocence! We love to capture those moments you will never have again, things to remember for a lifetime!

How long do the sessions last?

Well, every session is obviously different. One of the things Rich is known for is making every session fun and not stopping until he feels he has captured the perfect portrait. Most sessions will fall within the guidelines suggested on our online scheduling, but always leave extra room when being photographed by Rich because he wants to create an experience you will remember forever and always with a goal to give you that EPIC portrait you will remember forever.

Do we get digital files from our session?

YES, absolutely! We offer social media files of all the images that you order from! That way you can have the best portraits, your favorites, perfect, the way you like them to share with the world!