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There's No Place Like Home


There’s no question that the first half of 2020 was different 

than any of us could of expected. 


But, as we were forced to quarantine, we were also forced to slow down and spend more time either with Family or Missing Family.   For us as a family, the silver lining was spending time with some of our kids, all while terribly missing others!


But, in all the confusion of staying home, there was some kind of reconnection. It’s something that is almost impossible to put into words but it was a powerful reminder of what the truly important parts of life really are. Everyday, as walk into our living room and see our family portrait (which I absolutely love), I am reminded of the importance of family and how precious life can be. 


So as we begin to get back to some level of normalcy and we have been blessed with such a Beautiful Summer, we’ve decided to offer you a chance to 

Celebrate your Family with a beautiful family portrait created right at your home.


Our “There’s no Place Like Home” event means that there has never been a better time to create that beautiful portrait right in your own yard. 


Maybe your family is on the smaller side…. Maybe your family is you and a beloved pet, or maybe your family is an Extended Family group including Grandparents and Siblings. 


Whatever makes your family special you can be assured that Rich will create the Most Beautiful Portraits that you will want to proudly display forever; All while having a Great Time Creating Memories you will talk about for years to come. 


With Sessions starting at $99 and our “Theres No Place Like Home” Special only running until the middle of September, session times are guaranteed to fill up quickly. 


We only have 18 Summers With our Kids, Choose this Summer to Celebrate Your Family with our There’s No Place Like Home Special!


Call 508-867-5260 or text me at 508-341-5789!


We can’t wait to create memories for you!

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